Julie Silvester


Julie has always enjoyed using the coast as a means of inspiration for her work.  Its light and colour, its movement and ever-changing moods have given her an endless supply of subject matter.


The excitement of exploring new areas locally and afar is also what keeps her stimulated and wanting to paint.


On a recent trip inland to the Godlfields, she was to turn down a road that has taken her artistic journey on another path.  Exploring the incredible area of Lake Ballard took her breath away.  It had an alien feel to it.  Barren and untouched by mankind except for the footprints in between the art installations of Antony Gormley.  


It was a place that overwhelmed her senses and she has enjoyed painting it ever since.  


Her art is a way of showing the beauty of this amazing environment we live in.  To see, appreciate and care for what we take for granted.

Painting is fulfilling part of her journey through life and she couldn't imagine being without it.